the Real 1080 60fps IP surveillance

Release time:2017-06-13 | Article source:News

the Real 1080 60fps IP surveillance total solution for security Pro

In order to applying 1080 60fps IP camera, you will need 1080 60fps NVR, Matrix for decoding and recording also.

Don’t be hesitate, Multipix is the one who are willing to provide you the truly 1080 60fps solution from front end to back end.

For Real 1080 60fps IP camera up to 40x optical zoom range, video footage as below:   Multipix IP camera in 1080 60fps   Mulitpix IP Camera in 40x  optical zoom

Meantime, MultipixDVM 4K video matrix system fully support up to 100 channels 1080 60fps video decoding / recording / matrix / playback at your fingertip!

below is the video footage of our HDDVM with 9 screen video wall in live.

Since 2003, Multipix IP Surveillance Solution has been widely applied in airport, city surveillance, government facilities, bank in worldwide. With it’s strong R&D background, Multipix will be pleased to provide the outstanding technology and best service to our partners.

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