MPWEB succeed in CD university

Release time:2017-06-13 | Article source:

Aug., 2015, Multipix Intelligent System succeed to implement it’s state-of-the-art MPWEB turnkey for Cheng Du College Art & Sciences (CDC).

Previously CDC applied surveillance IP camera in multimedia campus, poor in video & audio quality and limited it’s e-education experiment.

With Multipix, MPWEB turnkey brings crystal clear video in UHD with CD quality audio to pleased lecturers and students especially it’s outstanding audio quality there is no noise at all. MPWEB turkey is simple yet powerful UHD video & audio package included UHD PTZ Camera, UHD Streamer, UHD Recorder. With it’s various protocol supported, CDC can easily deploy various applications via the single MPWEB turnkey included: e-classroom in UHD, online education in UHD, invigilate in UHD, Teaching evaluation in UHD. MPWEB Turkey is all-in-one system and it’s cost effective, very reliable. Besides, with CDC cloud service audiences can take on-line courses from mobile / pad instantly.

Brief of Cheng Du College Art & Sciences:

As an independent institute approved by the Ministry of Education in 2004, the College of Arts and Sciences (SAC), SICNU was originally merged from the former School of Culture and Communication, SICNU and the former School of International Business, SICNU, both of which were established in 1999. The college has two campuses; one is the Honghe Campus located in the No. 351, Mid-road of Honghe, East of Honghe Town, Longquan District, and the other is Jintang Campus established in 2011 and located in the No. 9, Xuefu Road, Jintang County. The SAC, SICNU has the modern campus much like a garden with graceful environments and all kinds of facilities needed, sinking in the fragrance of ink in books and flowers in the garden.

Brief of Multipix Intelligent Systems:

Multipix Intelligent Systems Co., ltd. is a rapidly growing backed integrated high-tech manufacturer with a strong  experienced design team to assist you all aspects of digital A/V and IP Surveillance products including 3G HD-SDI converters, Repeater, HD-SDI Zoom Camera, IP Camera, Digital Matrix. We successfully developed full series of equipment and accessories, with high quantity and cost-effective product supporting the professional broadcast and production markets.