What's the use of HD-SDI? What kinds of HD-SDI products does Multipix offer?

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At present, our HD-SDI' s applications mainly include:

Camera feeds in TV studios and other fixed production facilities

Video feeds from mobile outdoor broadcast trucks and other mobile facilities

HD video projection in high-detailed presentations and lectures

Medical imagination operating rooms

Video used for sensitive military facilities and operations

Video streaming in manufacturing and industrial processes

Security cameras and surveillance and control systems

On-the spot broadcasting and high-definition television coverage,etc.


Multipix's HD-SDI products mainly include:

3G HD-SDI Converter (3G HD-SDI to HDMI Converter; HDMI to 3G HD-SDI Converter; 3G HD-SDI Fiber Optical Converter,HD-SDI repeater);HD-SDI Camera(HD-SDI Zoom Camera,3G HDSDI Desktop PTZ Camera); HD-SDI DVR