About HD Video conferencing

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(1) HD Video conferencing System

HD Video conferencing isn't as simple as SD Video conferencing,for it needs a whole HD

solution as a support which shows in front end signal acquisition, middle end encoding and

transmission, back end display device support.Only meets any of the above,can it be called

a real HD Video conferencing.Otherwise,it is SD Video conferencing.

(2)Display formats of HD Video

To distinguish if it is HD image or not,We must analyze it from two points.The first is resolution,

the second is wide rate.

(3) Introduction and Comparison on HD Video interfaces

We Multipix think that only any one of interfaces as below is equipped,it can be named HD Video


a.HD-SDI interface  


c.HDMI interface  

d.DVI interface  

(4)HD Video  Protocol

As for HD Video conferencing ,there is but one compression standard namely H.264.

H.264 is a new Video compression coding standard which made by JVT(Joint Video Team),consisted of members from ISO/IEC and ITU-T.

(5)HD Audio Protocol

When the HD Video conferencing comes,the video image upgrades to 1080i.So,we must have

the assurance of ability to handle MPEG4 AA with 44KHzstereo effect,or some other similar Audio Coding.Also,as for handling of echo

suppression,we must have the ability to handle stereo echo suppression.