Multipix Live Video Streaming Case Study - Australia

Release time:2017-06-13 | Article source:

Multipix HD series products have a very broad application. A new case from Australia this monthfocuses on the application of Live broadcasting.  

ustria is very beautiful country with beautiful scene and lovely animals. It attracts the wholeworld people coming to visit.

Our partner in Australia makes this scene online via MP-HD730 H.264 1080p IP High Speed Dome. Many people are allowed to view the live sight via internet in different places. And MP-HD730 1080p 30fps high speed dome gives the visitors much more details of the sight.




Considering the high request for the image quality, MP-HD730 1080p FULL HD FULL Frame is the perfect to fit the application.


MPHD730 is the first megapixels CCTV camera with standard H.264 encoding in the world. With high definition up to 1080 x 1920 and up to 4 times higher resolution than conventional D1 cameras.


Let’s see the advantage of the 1080p IP cameras by the following picture. 1080p allows you to see a wider area compared with D1 or 720p. MPHD730 allows users to monitor critical areas with much more details than ever.

10x optical zoom lens provide auto focus objects zoom in and zoom out to get crystal image. Meanwhile, MPHD730 outdoor device has heavy duty PTZ with 400°/s speed rotating, which makes the camera go to preset very fast once event happens. IP66 enclosure is perfect for outdoor installation where tough environment demands


For the power supply our partner use the solar energy to power the camera. This solution is notonly save the natural source, but also has environmental benefits. MPHD730 works well with the solar energy.


To make the camera friendly-use we provide our partner the camera SDK to help them to develop a flash-based operation platform. You can control the camera via this platform. And flash is a Cross-platform thing which can be used in many different systems, even the mobile phone. You visit our camera and control it as long as you connect with the internet.


Why choose Multipix?


Multipix Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier in HDTV. For years we keep on working on Full HD Full Frame CCTV products. We give the world people first 1080p IP High speed dome. And now as you see, we have developed the Full HD high speed dome, indoor dome, Full HD domewith HDMI output, and 1080p HDSDI series products. Besides, the whole series HD camera has theD/N function and WDR.


Multipix keeps on working to provide you the best quality HD camera but with a very reasonable price. That is also the reason why people like us.