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One for all - Video Wall makes easy

* 4K h.265 video decoding / video matrix / video wall control all-in-one

* Fully Compliance to All ONVIF / Hikvision & Dahua IP cameras, NVR, CVI  

* Unlimited Layers video matrix, pop-up, overlap, roaming, PIP    

* Hybrid 4K h.265 IP and HDMI 2.0 4K video signals

* max decoding capablity: 2048 chs

* max video wall support: 8*8 64 monitors

* support TV monitor / PC monitor as virtual video wall

* support 46" / 55" narrow bezel video wall monitors

Still hesitate how to present many 4K h.265 video cameras in control room?  

4K h.265 is already the NEW standard of IP surveillance now all IP cameras come with h.265 codec and higher video resolution will need bigger monitor to watch the details just like you need 65" TV to watch 4K TV programs.  

with Multipix HDDVM 4K h.265 video wall turnkey you can decode up to 2048 video channels instantly on max 8*8 (64) video wall, big enough  to show all 4K video details. HD-DVM  also supports multiple PC monitors / TV monitors as virtual video wall for cost saving.  

How Multipix may benefits you and your customers?

* Cost Saving: Factory Direct Sell to cut off middle cost  

* ALL-IN-ONE HDDVM system (4K h.265 video decoding / matrix / video wall / video playback / matrix) : easy to operate with powerful features, less training  

* Plug-and-Play: ready to go save installation / testing & commissioning time  

* ONVIF fully compliance to all IP cameras and NVRs / RTSP streaming support  

* ZERO maintenance: pure embedded system, auto reconnect, auto recover  

* 3 years unconditional warranty  

For control room setup, only Multipix HDDVM turnkey will be good enough, others 4K h.26 video wall controller / matrix / decoder / switcher will be non-necessary.

MULTIPIX & HD-DVM are trademarks of Multipix Intelligent Systems

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