MP100W Surveillance Radar

Surveillance Radar to detect human, vehicle in accuracy with Millimeter wave phased array radar

    Millimeter wave phased array radar

    * Maximum tracking 32 target

    * Output the distance, angle and velocity of moving targets

    * Flexible Settings of detection area

    * High anti-interference ability and adaptation to the environment

    * Universal network interface output

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Phase array radar for wide area surveillance adopts transceiver integrated technique and LMFCW system with a compound structure of multiple antennas and wide angles. It uses 24GHz electromagnetic wave to scan the defense areas in real time in 90°, 180°, 270° and 360°. Based on the time-delay effect in range domain, the Doppler Effect in velocity field and other digital signal processing techniques, it could precisely output the distance, angle, velocity and moving direction of targets.

Technical Specifications



Radar architecture:

Radar type

Millimeter wave phased array radar

Operating frequency


Transmitted power


Multiple radar networking:


Detection modes

Doppler detection of  moving targets, slowly crawling targets and fast-crossing targets

· Detection performance:

· Target type:


Positioning accuracy:


Numbers of tracked targets simultaneously


· Detection coverage

Maximum detection range

≥100m( for man)

≥160m( for vehicles)

Minimum detection range


Beam width( on the horizontal)


Beam width( on the vertical)


Refresh rate for electronically scanning


· Installation height


Radar characteristic:

Modulation mode


Angle accuracy


Maximum detection speed

≤15km/h( with continuous path)

≤120Km/h (detectable)

Work environment and the size:



Working temperature:


· level of protection




· Electrical characteristics:

power supply mode


· power consumption


Advantages of MP100W phased array radar

MP100W using nanosecond electromagnetic microwave phased array radar target feature detection, with detection distance, high anti-interference ability, fast detection speed, high accuracy of detection results, simple operation, convenient installation, strong practicability.

1) Far Detection Range:

The integrated design of MP100W MMIC using SiGe technology, to effectively reduce the product power consumption and greatly improves the sensitivity, effective dynamic range more than 60dB. compared to the traditional discrete component design, system consistency is greatly improved. The distance is not less than 160m under the open environment detection, the stability is far better than similar products on the market.

2) High anti-interference ability:

MP100W multi antenna array composite structure, electromagnetic microwave real-time coverage monitoring area, signal processing algorithm will keep records of ground clutter. The updated background cancellation principle, MP100W can realize all-weather work, adapt to the wind, rain, snow, fog, dust and other inclement weather conditions. The moving target for complex ground in the environment detection.

MP100W phased array radar uses advanced same frequency asynchronous signal filtering technology, even if adjacent devices or nearby 24GHz traffic speed radar have same channel interference, it will not affect the normal operation of radar

3) MP100W using FPGA+ dual core ARM processor is the most advanced heterogeneous computing capabilities, significantly ahead of market similar products. Second to monitor environmental scanning is not less than 10 times, to support up to 32 targets simultaneously detection and tracking capabilities, and support more than 10 radar target synchronization output, the detection results in the shortest time to give the most accurate.

4) Accuracy

MP100W 2FFT, the target tracking number of cluster digital signal processing technology, the lowest detection rate is less than or equal to 0.05m/s, regardless of the target in what position, any position into the area, can be fast positioning. At the same time with pattern recognition technology for birds, cats and other small animal identification, to further reduce the false alarm probability,.


MP100W machine of small size, light weight, convenient installation. Location can be quickly set up, do not need to install a special structure, and can set the defense area, even covered the gate, a safety passage without a detection area, but also to achieve segmentation alarm, simplifies the design and installation requirements.

6) MP100W supports Ethernet (TCP/UDP), serial data transmission, backstage integration convenient, support and our existing video fusion integration system and the three party security alarm system for docking, to easily achieve the set of security solutions.

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